Spring Cleaning Routine

It’s officially April (which it was in my last post, too, but let’s ignore that), and it is really beginning to feel like Spring! Everything outside smells fresh and it is so rejuvenating to take a deep breath of the warming air. As Mother Nature is revealing her grass and fresh buds from under blankets of snow, it’s the perfect time to follow her lead and clear out the dust and clutter that has been accumulating in our homes! I always talk about taking time to personally refresh, but our environments need love too! The vibe of your space can truly affect you, so it’s important to maintain an atmosphere that you can thrive in!

Open those windows, have a good little stretch, and let’s get into it: it’s time to clean the house.

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Appreciating Loved Ones

I write a lot about self-love and the importance of making sure to take time to take care of yourself, as most of you will be aware. After all, as the adage goes, it’s hard to love someone else without first loving yourself. When life gets hectic and we start to prioritize one thing or another, we can sometimes forget about the people that we love and that love us back. It’s easy to focus on our own issues, and sometimes we need to do that to keep from falling behind or feeling overwhelmed. We are all blessed with people in our lives that we can turn to to help get through tough times and work through our own issues with.  It can sometimes feel like those people are there for that sole reason, which can feel comforting and safe. Continue reading

What Am I Doing Here? About My Blog

It’s been just over two and a half months since I started posting here, and I realized that I’ve never really gone into detail about why I started blogging or what I’m hoping to get from it.I’ve made mention of the fact that I’m a little unsure of the direction I’d like to take my blog, but like I said in that post, that’s accurate for my life as well. If this is my art, life is imitating it and it’s imitating my life. But what am I really doing here?

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Spring Forward

Daylight savings time has once again graced us with an extra hour of sunshine (and an earlier wake-up time). The snow and the cold look to be letting up, and we could be on the homestretch towards spring!

As you all know by now, this year I’m really making an effort to pay attention to myself
and to take time for things that will help me to be the best that I can be. I’ve been itching to get out of the city for a few months, and today I finally took the opportunity to go to the mountains.  Continue reading

Organizing Your Space

February 1st! A new month, and with it came my new PAX wardrobe. Not sure how excited I am to be opening and assembling 44 Ikea boxes (!!), but I am really excited to bring some new organization into my life.

A clean room is like a clean slate; a new beginning. While we may have all started to forget (or have long forgotten) our “New Year’s Resolutions,” using the beginning of the month to renew those goals or set new ones can be a great idea. For me, I’m renewing my goal to be more organized.

Here are a few of the steps I’m taking to rein in the chaos:

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This semester, I am not taking classes. I went to campus today to sell back some old textbooks (for the first time in four years, who knew that was a thing?), and while the atmosphere was excited, it was already a little frantic. It can be hard coming back to a routine after a break, especially if you feel like you did nothing during that break. On the other hand, if you feel like you never stopped to recharge, an immediate new routine will just be a different kind of taxing.

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