May Musings

Hey friends!

It’s officially May, which means we are a quarter of the way through the year! I thought this might be a good time to revisit some of my goals for 2017. In some ways, I have impressed myself so far. I have managed to stay fairly organized and I have been taking pretty good care of myself. I have been (carefully) stepping out of my comfort zone and looking for opportunities to learn and grow and experience new things. 

But there are a few things in particular I would like to get back on track with: I have been neglecting both my Fashion course and my French, and neither of those things are going to learn themselves. I hesitate to say that I have been lazy, but I have also not been working out as much as I wanted to. I feel great after I do work out (except for the muscle soreness when I work too hard after not working out for a while… almost like it’s a sign telling me to keep with the regular fitness!) so it’s really something that I can only benefit from doing more. The last thing I feel I’ve dropped the ball on is blogging. I’ve been inconsistent lately and I feel bad about it. Obviously life happens and sometimes inspiration doesn’t come, but I was off to such a good start until April that I’ve felt guilty and disappointed with the last few weeks.

So, what am I going to do about it? We all know that problems don’t tend to solve themselves and goals do not achieve themselves. I’ve got a little bit of work to do.

It all starts with a plan. I will be getting back into the habit of planning out my week in a way that’s a little more in-depth than just writing my work schedule down. Regarding my Fashion course, I will go through the remaining assignments and flag which ones I can do together (such as paired assignments looking for similar things), which ones I can do at home, which I will need a buddy to help out with, etc. For French, I will actually turn on (and pay attention to) my push-notifications for DuoLingo and do a little every day! I also have a French copy of Harry Potter that I should finish reading. As for my fitness? Motivated Mondays and Tone-Up Thursdays don’t sound like a bad place to start. I’ve got the resources, I just have to make sure I’m using them! Lastly, the blog. I’ve got a list of potential topics to write about; I’m going to work on planning which posts I will write when and how I would like to continue expressing myself. And, using my journal and microtip pens will hopefully make post-planning a little more interesting!

While I am feeling good about getting back on track with my goals for the year, I just wanted to make a quick little note. Keeping yourself accountable and being hard on yourself are not the same thing. I think I’ve let my thoughts of accountability drift over to the blaming side on too many occasions. Everything that I have listed here as something I would like to improve on is for me. I am doing these things because I want to, full stop. I think I will get a lot out of diversifying my skills, exploring my passions, and keeping myself in shape. But at the end of the day, none of these goals are life-and-death. If I miss a day posting or if I only workout once in two weeks, the world is going to continue turning. My life will not be affected, for better or worse. I will certainly try my best to stay on target and hold myself accountable for my personal goals. But I will also do my best to let it slide if I miss a mark. After all, taking time for my personal health and wellness is something that I’ve been working on and succeeding with this year 😉

Talk to you again very soon,


–kisses, Kate.



One thought on “May Musings

  1. Sounds like you have set a decent plan to keep yourself accountable instead of getting caught up in guilt. Nicely done! Kisses.<3


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