Spring Cleaning Routine

It’s officially April (which it was in my last post, too, but let’s ignore that), and it is really beginning to feel like Spring! Everything outside smells fresh and it is so rejuvenating to take a deep breath of the warming air. As Mother Nature is revealing her grass and fresh buds from under blankets of snow, it’s the perfect time to follow her lead and clear out the dust and clutter that has been accumulating in our homes! I always talk about taking time to personally refresh, but our environments need love too! The vibe of your space can truly affect you, so it’s important to maintain an atmosphere that you can thrive in!

Open those windows, have a good little stretch, and let’s get into it: it’s time to clean the house.

Version 2
I woke up the other day feeling totally inspired to clean the house. The sun was shining, I had slept well, and I started the day with a wonderful stretch that had me ready to take on the world. Having the motivation to clean is something that I struggle with in general, and I don’t think it’s the easiest thing to make yourself do all the time. But, as with everything, mindset and attitude is a game-changer. I felt great and I knew I didn’t want to waste the feeling, so I decided to be productive. I stretched again and had some water to really get myself psyched and got into my Spring Cleaning routine:

Mentally Prepare

Like I said, I need to get myself psyched for the task. Getting right into any task first thing can be jarring; that, or it could make you tired earlier later on. I like to get in a nice stretch or some quick yoga, have breakfast, and shower before getting started.

Make a List

Formulating a list while you eat breakfast is a quick and easy step that can make a world of difference. A list can be like an action plan for the day. You don’t necessarily need to do everything in the order you’ve written down, but I like to categorize what needs to be done by room. Organizing my bedroom is another day’s task for me, so other than making my bed, I leave it alone. I include things to remember in the Bathroom, Living Room, Dining Room, and Kitchen.  It’s okay if things are forgotten from the list, or if you don’t get every box checked off, but it’s a nice place to start.

This week’s list

Start Rooms As You Use Them

Sometimes, it can be tempting to go through the list exactly as you’ve written it down. Not that it’s a bad approach, but there may be a more efficient way. By starting to clean as you use the rooms, you’ll avoid that rigid routine feeling, and you’ll feel like you’re working at a steady pace. For example, once breakfast is done, I wash my dishes and finish up all the dishes that are in the sink. After I shower, I spray the tiles and tub with a cleaner, let the toilet bowl cleaner start working its magic, and wipe down the mirror. This way, I can get ready while my cleaning has already begun and we’re off to a great start!


Bump Some Tunes

Choose a playlist and crank it. I’ve been loving the Songs to Sing in the Shower playlist on Spotify, but there are tons to choose from. This is pretty self-explanatory.


Get To It

Conquer that Spring Cleaning. Check off those boxes, and get ‘er done.

Et, voila! You have a fresh space to enjoy the fresh weather in! I hope my little Spring Cleaning routine helps to inspire yours! Let me know your best tips in the comments! Until next time,


–kisses, Kate.



One thought on “Spring Cleaning Routine

  1. How fresh and easy! The flowers in the window are a huge bonus. And as a beneficiary of your spring cleaning, I say Thanks, Kate <3.


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