How to Drink More Water: 5 Tips to Staying Hydrated

We all know that it can be difficult to drink the recommended 2L of water per day; it can feel like a chore and another task to put on a never-ending To-Do list. If you remember, one of the resolutions I made for myself this year (the first one, actually) was to drink more water. I’ve been working on it, and I’ve got a few tips to help make getting enough easier!

  1. Incorporate it into your night routine

You don’t even need to have a “night routine” to do this. Just make a point to drink a glass of water before/after you brush your teeth, for example. It will also help to clear your head and make you feel fresh and ready for a good night’s sleep.

2. Wake up with water

This one is made easy if you follow the first tip; drink the glass before bed, then refill it and bring it to bed with you! You’ll have a full glass right there when you wake up! And it will be room-temperature, which is said to be the best temperature for water to be first thing in the morning (you don’t want to shock your system too much with ice water!).

3. Buy a cute water bottle 

Or just a bottle that is practical for your lifestyle. I like my S’Well bottle because it’s both. It’s a beautiful teal colour and it’s slim enough to fit in a cupholder, my bag, etc. I’m also never scared that I’m going to break it, which is always a plus for a drink holder that I’m going to be toting around everywhere. I love drinking out of cute mugs and bottles, so I’m more inclined to keep refilling my water bottle now that it is nice to look at.

4. Make it taste better

Water by itself is plain. It’s refreshing and crisp and our bodies crave it, but I don’t know if there is anyone who hasn’t had the wish that water could be a little more interesting. If you’re one of those people who can’t stand to drink water as-is, slice up some fruit (berries, lemons, limes, etc.), cucumber, mint, or something to give it a little flavour! There are bottles you can get that come with infusers, but you can easily just put your “additions” in a jug of water in your fridge and let it infuse overnight/during the day. As a bonus, you may just pour yourself a little snack too!

5. Get an app

At first, this tip seems eccentric. But then, in an age where we always have our devices nearby telling us to do this and remember that, why not have an app to remind us to stay hydrated? There are a few good ones out there that let you keep track of how many glasses you’ve had and also send you notifications at intervals during the day as gentle reminders to keep going! I’ve used MyWater in the past, but I’m just starting to try out Waterlogged. It lets you take pictures of your water bottles/drinking vessels and record the units so that each time you drink from that specific glass, you can keep track of exactly how much you’ve had! And it’s kinda fun. (And it brings us back to number 3, and you get to admire your cute water bottle.) The bottom line of an app is that while you may find it annoying on occasion, it is something to hold you accountable to actually drinking water, and isn’t that the main goal?

There are many tips and tricks you could use, and some of these may work better for me than they do for you, but I think they’re a good starting point! Let me know in the comments what you do to make sure you’re drinking enough water!


World Water Day

We might not realize it, but we are very fortunate to have such easy abundant access to clean drinking water. Approximately 1.8 billion people around the world lack that access, and are forced to drink from contaminated sources. Today happens to be World Water Day. Think about checking out some organizations helping to rectify this injustice:

Let’s make sure we’re all getting the water we need.


–kisses, Kate.


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