What Am I Doing Here? About My Blog

It’s been just over two and a half months since I started posting here, and I realized that I’ve never really gone into detail about why I started blogging or what I’m hoping to get from it.I’ve made mention of the fact that I’m a little unsure of the direction I’d like to take my blog, but like I said in that post, that’s accurate for my life as well. If this is my art, life is imitating it and it’s imitating my life. But what am I really doing here?

On a basic level, I like to write. I have always liked to write, and I am loving having a reason to do it regularly.

I also feel like holding myself to a loose posting schedule is helping me to continue moving forward; if I stay completely stagnant, I have absolutely nothing to write about. If I keep learning and trying new things and working on projects, I will evolve and I can share that evolution.

I’ve always considered myself an optimist(ic realist, to be exact). I try to look on the bright side, before and after gathering information on a situation. I thought it was part of my nature, that I was just born a positive person! I am coming to think that perhaps I have spent a good chunk of my life subconsciously manifesting positivity in my life. For example: Thinking of the clouds on a slightly overcast day can discredit the warmth and beauty of the sun, whereas from another perspective, the clouds provide welcome shade and another element to the landscape (alternatively, you can just focus on the fact that the sun is out). Having a space to write and reflect has helped me to consciously see the positive in situations around me. I have changed attitudes towards disappointments, decided to face challenges head on, and appreciated the blessings I already knew I had even more. I hope that following along with my posts can help other people approach life in similar ways. I think that the world always needs more love, and now would be a great time for a Positivity Posse to kill the hate with kindness. Ripple effects are real, and one attitude shift can surely prompt another.

I am learning about myself on a daily basis, and discovering and embracing things that I am interested in and passionate about. Whether it’s style, current affairs, design, makeup, self-awareness, or day-to-day life, I’d love to share my thoughts with you as I develop these new perspectives. I like to write deeper posts and I like to write informative posts. I would also really like to try to explore my interests in fashion and skincare and go through that learning curve on here too. These topics spark joy for me, and I want to do my best to acknowledge my interests and make sure I give them enough of my time (just like a friend).

I’m still learning about this and about myself, but I know that I will try to remain optimistic and continue to manifest positivity as I go.

I hope this little blurb gave you an idea of who I am and what I’m doing here, and that it sparked an interest in you to follow along. I would love having some friends along for the ride. Let me know if any of the topics I mentioned seem like something you’d like to read about, or if there is something else you think I should consider!

Until next time,


–kisses, Kate.


One thought on “What Am I Doing Here? About My Blog

  1. I’m the same. Just when I think I’ve got nothing to write about, I do something I hadn’t, meet someone new, go somewhere seemingly plain. And something pops up. Actually wanting to write is a good motivator for being a participant in your own life daily! Even the little things cause you never know!

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