Spring Forward

Daylight savings time has once again graced us with an extra hour of sunshine (and an earlier wake-up time). The snow and the cold look to be letting up, and we could be on the homestretch towards spring!

As you all know by now, this year I’m really making an effort to pay attention to myself
and to take time for things that will help me to be the best that I can be. I’ve been itching to get out of the city for a few months, and today I finally took the opportunity to go to the mountains. IMG_0673This morning, I attended a couple events of a Leadership conference. The main takeaway from the first was the importance of planning, executing, and reviewing courses of action. The second stated three key thoughts: 1. Adversity is a Gift, 2. Courage is a Habit, and 3. Happiness Comes From Within. Both/all of these messages seemed to resonate with me, particularly when I consider the challenges I have been presented with lately and will be facing. It’s funny how sometimes you can hear just the right message at the right time. I took the afternoon for myself. I’m sitting in a local coffee shop in town watching countless faces walking by and enjoying the beautiful weather. The snow is melting, so it’s a little mucky, but everyone is smiling. There is really nothing like that first afternoon out in the nearly-spring air; it’s rejuvenating.

On another positive transitional note, my program transfer was finally accepted and I’m officially in Business for next fall! I am beyond relieved, and I’ve already spent a solid three hours planning out my schedule for the next two semesters. I already know it’s going to be a lot of hard work, and I’m glad that I’m laying the foundation to make time for my own sanity.

The mountain peak across the street provides the perfect backdrop for the process; its quietly powerful facade is a simple reminder of where I am on this lovely Monday, and it’s also serving as a symbol for the next stage of my university career. The next couple years will be an uphill trek, but the start of the path is laid out in front of me. I have all the resources to succeed and conquer the summit, and I’m giving myself plenty of time to plan ahead for the trail. It’s also closer than ever, and I cannot wait to begin.



Conquer your mountains, guys.


— kisses, Kate.


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