Daddy’s Girl

As the weekend draws to a close, I have my feet up and I’m reflecting on the past few days.

I work weekends, and today I worked a split shift in the morning and evening, so the weekend has been pretty full. What was different about this weekend was the ample amount of time I spent with my dad. Often on weekends, I’ll spend a morning with my mom or see a friend or two, but it seems like I rarely spend time with my dad. A few nights ago, we spent some time browsing online for ideas for our home-theatre project. Saturday, we went to some furniture stores and I spent about a collective hour half-napping each time I sat down in a comfy recliner (great for energy levels before work! Not..), we got coffee and lunch and this morning we had breakfast together before I started work. There was a Home and Garden Show in town this weekend, and he was going to check it out. It happened to be on the same grounds as the hockey game in the afternoon, so he proposed we go if I could fit it in between my shifts. It started at the exact time my morning shift ended, and would finish about 45 mins before my evening shift. Luckily, and because my managers and coworkers are awesome, I was able to get off on time and make it down to the game! It was tight and I missed most of the first period, but I think that’s pretty good considering I was 15 mins away and was still at work for the opening face-off. It was a great game to watch, and we had a lot of fun.

Throwback to another hockey game in Dec ’15

Not only that, but we had some nice conversations in our time spent together these past few days. It can be hard to keep up with each other when he’s working so much, or just in general with our opposing schedules. He does so much at work, for the community and for the family, it’s nice to get to see him in some downtime.

I have always had good relationships with both of my parents, and I love them both dearly. We have individual connections and moments where I lean more on my mom than my dad and vice versa. But I have also always been Daddy’s Little Girl. He has always been proud of me and I have always been proud of him. As I get older, I get even more proud that he is my father and that I am his daughter. Everyone wants to say they have the best parents, but truly, my parents are the best people I know. I am so blessed to have them both, and I feel very fortunate whenever I spend quality time with them. This was a Dad-daughter weekend though 🙂

Here’s some pics of other times we Dad-daughtered. 


I hope everyone is lucky to spend time with someone important this week, and that you cherish that time and that person.


–kisses, Kate.


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