Getting the Ball Rolling

The first of any month always gives me a bit of a boost; a renewed resolve to actually do something with my “blank slate.” Of course, when the calendar changes, be it for a new month or new year, nothing major or tangible actually changes. But I like the idea of something “on paper” to use for accountability and inspiration for getting things done and going after goals or dreams, new ventures and adventures.

I haven’t had a lot of energy this past week, and it’s led to a few items on my To-Do list being pushed back. I’ve felt really unproductive. Today though, I decided to try to start the day (and the month) on the right foot. I got up and did some yoga, took a quick but refreshing shower, and checked off a few boxes. I read a paper for a friend, I called the University to follow up on some details for the fall, I sent an email to a professor about an alternative French course I can potentially take (since they cancelled the Group Study trip), and I applied for a Fashion Internship with a local agency. This evening, I continued conversations with my dad about a home theatre project that he wants me to design (and execute).

I had every intention of also cleaning out my basement which is a disaster, but the fatigue crept back and today did not end up being the day. I am determined for tomorrow though! Hold me to it, somebody, please.

Regardless of the task I did not get done today, I got four things done that I had been unconsciously putting off, and that is better than nothing! Everything that I accomplished today was in some way directly relevant to my near future and how I move forward with life. Looking at it that way, I think that almost makes the checked-off boxes worth more. Not too much more, of course; I don’t want to give myself so much credit that I am content to sit back for the next day. I got the ball rolling, and I have to make sure that I follow where they go (and ensure they get where I need/want them to). Sometimes it’s hard to take the first step, because it seems mundane. The paperwork is boring, but it is necessary. You can’t get the glory without the grunt-work. And you can’t even get the grunt-work without applying…

I’m excited for a new month ahead. I’m looking forward to embracing the new opportunities and facing the challenges that are put in front of me. I’m glad to greet another “Day 1” with open arms.

If you’ve started to take action on a new venture this month, I’d love to hear about it! How are you going about it? Is it a big or small change? I’m curious! 

Happy March, everybody!


–kisses, Kate.



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