Directionally Challenged

Since starting to write here in January, I’ve had a few people wonder about my blog. Their specific question is fair: “What do you blog about?” When I respond with something to the extent of “Whatever is on my mind,” the follow-up is “Well what kind of blog is it?”

It’s a good question. I’m not entirely sure what kind of blog this is. I like to write about what’s on my mind: things that are important to me, current events, personal relationships, self-improvement, etc. In short, at this point, it’s a mixed bag. And it’s probably the most authentic and representative type of blog for me right now.

Questions that I’ve heard throughout the years (i.e. my entire life) include:

  • “What do you want to be when you grow up?”
  • “What do you want to study in school?”
  • “What’s one fact about you?”
  • “What is one word to describe you?”

I’ve never had a concrete answer to any of them. When I was little, the answer to the first one was “107,” so I could live in 3 centuries. Smart-ass. The answer to the second was “Well, I like people.” That got me three degree changes. One fact? Idk, I’m blonde? One word? Confused?

While it’s obviously not fair or realistic to expect people to have definitive, single-word answers for any of these questions nowadays, it can still be frustrating to not even really have single-sentence answers. There are so many things I’d like to do and be and explore in life, but at the same time, I have difficulty putting into words what those things are. It’s almost as if there are so many options out there that I can’t commit myself to a single eloquent thought stream. It’s like when there are so many culinary options that I never know what I want to eat!

So many paths that I don’t know which to take. So many choices that I don’t know how to make… Maybe I should become a poet. That’s out there. #not

Back to the blog though. I’d love to have a more concrete direction for this, but it’s new. It’s nice to be testing the waters with different post concepts and topics. I’m seeing what works for me, what I like writing or am good at writing, and what people like to read. And because I am still figuring out my own personal direction, I’m also staying true to myself by not staying in one lane here. I’ll refine it, for sure; just like I will with my life (hopefully). One of my goals for the year was to focus on certain things I’m interested in like Fashion and french. Maybe that will help with my direction, or maybe it will lead me to another focus which will clarify things here.

For now though, I’m going to take a similar approach to the one I use when I’m exploring a new city or part of town: I’m going to wander. Not necessarily aimlessly, but I will wander. And I’m sure I will like the destination I arrive at when I finally get there.

Thanks for coming along for the ride.


–kisses, Kate.


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