Valentine’s Two: AKA I’m a Sap

Happy Monday, loves!

As I said last post, I love Valentine’s Day and I love to celebrate love. I think sometimes we get bitter about this holiday because of the commercialization (and, realistically, our relationship status). People deem it a “fake holiday”; but aren’t most holidays just days chosen to celebrate? To all the naysayers who claim there is no reason to celebrate February 14th, or think they need a significant other to celebrate, I say: look around you.

I am lucky to have wonderful people in all aspects of my life: my friends, my family, my coworkers, my boyfriend- it’s kinda insane how much love I get to be surrounded by. We are all loved, and we all have people we love. The reality is though, no matter how good we are at communicating our feelings or reminding our loved ones how special they are to us, having a day in the calendar year set aside specifically for that recognition can be nice. A day to send a card saying “Thanks for the joy you bring to my life.” A day to surprise someone with a coffee on their lunch break. A day to pass out “Free Hugs” to make a stranger’s afternoon.

It feels like there is a lot of darkness in the world right now, and I’d like to take and make every opportunity I can to spread light. Like I’ve said previously, I can see lots of evidence of love prevailing throughout the world: people are still fighting for the good. I’ve always believed that people are inherently good, and I don’t see anything wrong with encouraging them to share that publicly.

So I’m just going to take this time to leave a couple little shout-outs:

To my parents: Thank you for teaching me what love is, for instilling in me the values of kindness and respect and emphasizing the importance of living with an open and full heart. You are truly two of the best people I know, and I could not have dreamed up a better mother or father. Thank you for always loving and supporting me and Luc.

To my brother: Thank you for your kind heart and for showing me it’s okay to stray from the beaten path. I have always been proud to be your sister, and seeing you happy makes my heart smile. Continue doing things with love, and pursue your passions. Like you have mine, I have your back always. (Also, thank you for bringing both of the dogs into our lives. I don’t think any of us would have the same hearts without Yukon, and it’s hard to stay upset with the world with Daisy at your feet.)

To my best friends: Thank you for allowing me the pleasure of knowing how it feels to have a sister. Thank you for inspiring me to work towards my goals and pursue my passions. Thank you for being compassionate, intelligent and thoughtful women, unafraid of standing up for what is right. You share so much with the world through your different arts, and I am forever grateful you share them directly with me. I am very proud to be your friend.

To all my friends: Thank you for expanding my heart with your friendship. Whether it has been 20, 17, 10, 5 or 1 year(s), I am grateful for our time together. They say that you are the average of the people you spend most of your time with; throughout the years, I’ve been blessed to spend a lot of time with you, and I hope I am lucky enough to have stolen some of your amazing qualities. I love each of you individually, and I am proud of all of your accomplishments. Whether it is your drive and determination, your tolerance and charity, your spunk and goofy charm, or your tenacity and confidence to pursue every opportunity in front of you, you all have qualities that I adore. I am honoured to be associated with you.

To my love: Thank you for opening your heart up to me and embracing mine. Thank you for being the first man I’ve ever truly been in love with. I am amazed by your perseverance and your kindness every single day. Thank you for your unwavering support, and for always believing in me even when I am unsure. Your smile brightens more than my days and your hugs warm me to my core (with the notable exception of my perma-freezing hands). I am so proud of you for working to not let your dreams pass you by and for always staying true to your island-boy roots. Thank you for being on this journey with me. I love you.

And a quick thank you to myself: Thanks for surrounding yourself with these gems. I think you’re turning out pretty well too. Love forever.


Happy Valentine’s.


–kisses, Kate.



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