Organizing Your Space

February 1st! A new month, and with it came my new PAX wardrobe. Not sure how excited I am to be opening and assembling 44 Ikea boxes (!!), but I am really excited to bring some new organization into my life.

A clean room is like a clean slate; a new beginning. While we may have all started to forget (or have long forgotten) our “New Year’s Resolutions,” using the beginning of the month to renew those goals or set new ones can be a great idea. For me, I’m renewing my goal to be more organized.

Here are a few of the steps I’m taking to rein in the chaos:

  1. Take Everything Out

    In this game, things are going to get a lot worse before they get better. You have to see what you’re dealing with to really know how you’re going to move forward with it! I typically do this in steps so it’s not a complete nightmare. First, I’ll empty all of my drawers and my closet and go through my clothes. Then I grudgingly sort through: which do I want to donate? Which pieces should be folded? Which should be hung up? Is it seasonal, or should I have it in an easily accessible spot for every day? If there are clothes that I didn’t fold properly or even at all, I’ll also start a laundry pile so I can start fresh with them.Then, I’ll take a similar approach with  the things on my desk, then dresser tops, bookshelves etc. Do I need to keep it? Do I use it? Does it have a place?

  2. Have a Box for “Memory Lane”

    For sentimental items (of which my room is probably 60%), I have pondered using the KonMari method of tossing every item that does not “spark joy.” But for now, I do still have a lot of my elementary school notes, cards, and maps and fliers from my travels. I have a Memory Box that my dad made me a few years ago where I keep things that are more dear to my heart, but I also have one big cardboard box for things like my school books and pictures I drew when I was a kid. I’m not sure if it will all make it to the end of 2017, but for now, it’s not harming anyone. That being said, if it’s a mediocre paper I’m never going to read again or a receipt for my textbooks three years ago, that’s being tossed (in the recycling, obviously).

  3. Put Everything Back

    Now that we’ve sorted through the clothes and managed some clutter, it all has to be out away again. I like to wipe out drawers before I put clothes back in, because dust accumulates everywhere, whether you like it or not (and no matter how clean you are). I like it when everything has a logical place. My top drawer has little box inserts for my socks, underwear, nylons, and bras. The other half of the drawer has my basic shirts and tank tops, as well as my black leggings because they are undoubtedly an everyday staple. The middle drawer is where I tend to keep the shirts I don’t hang up and my pyjamas, and the bottom drawer is mainly bulky sweatshirts/pants and chunky knits.

  4. Clean

    Now that there is actually open space for me to clean, I bring out the vacuum, windex, duster, etc and make everything shine. It can sometimes get musty in the winter, so opening the window through this makes everything feel fresher!

  5. Marvel at Your Handiwork and Appreciate Yourself

    Lastly, when all is said and done, I like to sit back, relax, and feel good about my clean space. I don’t know about you, but when I clean, I can start to feel grimy myself. I like to wash my face, put my hair up and do a face mask. When it’s done, I feel as fresh as my surroundings! Because really, who else am I cleaning up my space for? Nobody else is going to go crazy in your clutter but you.

  6. Step 6 just kidding I need to build my giant PAX wardrobe before I can marvel and appreciate anything. Tip: try not to lose the Allen key.

Welcome to a Fresh February, folks!


— kisses, Kate.


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