Helping Buds Blossom

I am a lucky lady. I always have been, and while I am realistic, I hope to always be. I was born into a loving family to amazing, intelligent, hilarious, driven and caring parents. I have a brother who has always looked out for me. I have friends who I can count on and a  boyfriend who simultaneously keeps me grounded while pushing me towards the stars to achieve my dreams.

If 2016 taught me anything about how fortunate I am to have these people in my life, it’s that I must not take their relationships and love for granted. Just like with flowers (which I still forget to water and turn towards the sun), it is so important to nurture the relationships in your life and help them bloom and blossom.

Whether it’s with a simple “hello” every few days or a morning set aside to reconnect and spend quality time together, the effort will help your bonds grow stronger and you will value them more.

It can be really hard to remember the important people when you’re trying to work through other challenges in life. I’ve been guilty of prioritizing (what feels like) everything over my friends or family. There’s a graphic commonly recognized by students everywhere: it’s a triangle, with “Grades-Sleep-Social Life” at each point. Inside, it says “Pick two.” That only gets more complicated when you throw in Work, Eating Healthy, Personal Downtime, you name it. Seeing that everywhere makes it easy to justify blowing off those who are important to you, but that can be dangerous. You may get to the point where you’re only contacting your friends when you need something or when you are procrastinating  (then you’ll feel guilty for talking to them at all). Neither of those are ideal options. But I’ll share something I learned towards the end of last year. If you know what you need to get done, how you need to get it done, and when you need to get it done by, scheduling in Coffee with Mom or Movie Date Night is not going to throw a wrench in your plan. The people whom you value will appreciate that you made time to connect, and you will thank yourself for the mental respite.

If you recall, one of my “resolutions”/things to work on this year was to nurture my relationships. As I said above, making time for relationships in the chaos that is the work/school/sanity balance is a new lesson learned. I’m still working on it. Yesterday, I had a simple (freezing) little photoshoot with this random dude.

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(Sarah Beau Photography)

We laughed through the whole thing and got warm drinks to enjoy while folding laundry afterwards. It was a nice blend of mundane and something different, and I loved taking the afternoon for that time spent. In the evening, my mom and I opened a bottle of red wine and watched Finding Dory, which we’d been meaning to see forever. I had a wonderful day, and I hope that sentiment was shared. I don’t think I’m alone in saying that I think the little moments really do matter.

My weekly dry-erase calendar has a quote at the top that says, “Create a little magic every day.” I think that magic can easily be created by something so simple as making someone that you love smile. So send that “have a great day!” text, schedule that Paint Nite class, and get 2017 off to a good start by writing birthdays in your calendar! Sure, facebook will remind you, but it’ll feel really good to get a midnight text in before it gets the chance 😉

Get out there and tend to your gardens!


–kisses, Kate.


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